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Computer Skills






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Basic hardware and software


Troubleshooting hardware issues

Keyboard (key fn functions), Screen issues, etc



Switching off computer safely (via the Start button and clicking shut down)


USB device

Detecting and using USB devices connected to computers


Troubleshooting software issues

Detecting viruses


Identifying corrupt software




































































MS Words




































































Creating a MS Word document


Creating a blank MS Word document


Creating a MS Word document from a template


Opening an existing MS Word document


Pinning a document


Converting a document into a compatible mode


Save and share a document








Storage locations


Saving a document


Creating folders and sub-folders


Deleting folders and files


Saving a document as PDF


Saving a file in other types of document


Auto-recovery of document


Exporting documents


Sharing documents




Text basics

Basic tasks in a MS Word document (type text, selecting extracts delete extracts, copy extracts, cut extracts, paste extracts, using the key board short cut, etc.)


Scanning text (using Find)


Saving changes in a MS Word document


Drag and drop text


Undo and redo


Insert symbols


Formatting text

Changing text font (type, size, colour,)


Changing text case (lower, upper)


Adjusting text (alignment, margin, left, centre, justify)


Indent text (indent paragraph using tab key, indent extracts (30 words or more) using markers


Changing extract into Italic


Underlining extract


Underlining extract


Highlighting extracts





Types of lists (numbering, point/bull points, multi-level lists, etc).


Restarting a numbering list


Customising bullet list


Creating a multi-level list (Increase or decrease an indent level)


Resuming the list at the same level


Footer, header, page number

Insert page numbers


Insert header


Insert footer


Adding pre-set header or footer


Insert comments, tables, image, hyperlinks, charts, shapes, objects, comments, track changes

Inserting a comment on extracts


Inserting a table in MS Word document


Inserting an image in MS Word document


Inserting and removing hyperlinks


Inserting charts


Inserting shapes


Inserting objects (please beware the file size)


Inserting a page break


Inserting a cover page


Track Changes (activating Track Changes, accepting changes, rejecting changes, etc.)



MS Excel



Creating a MS Excel document


Using basic calculation operators (-,+,*,/)


Inserting rows


Inserting columns


Adding a new sheet


Inserting charts


Highlighting cells, rows and columns


Deleting a row


Deleting a column


Hiding rows and column


Unhiding rows and columns



MS Power Point



Creating a PowerPoint file


Adding text


Adding a new slide


Deleting a slide


Inserting a table


Inserting an image


Inserting shapes


Inserting graphs


Inserting hyperlinks


Using the slide show mode


Using slide show animation













Composing an email


Sending an email


Copying a third party


Blind-copying a third party


Attaching a file to email


Downloading a file attached to email


Replying an email


Forwarding email


Searching emails


Deleting emails


Block a disturbing sender


Retrieved blocked emails


Add star/flag to important emails


Remove star/flag from emails that are no longer important


Checking your spam folder and read relevant emails


Deleting irrelevant spams



Introduction to Internet


Exploring web browser component


Starting a web browser


Launch a search engine (focus on google)


Add a new tab


Deleting one tab


Reading the content on the user interface


Skimming the content on the user interface (by key words, by URL, by headings, etc.)


Scanning the content on the user interface


Reducing online video quality (to save your data)



Creating snip/image with a screen capture



Launching the snipping tool


Creating a new snip/ image


Saving the created snip /image


Highlighting the created snip/image



Introduction to Moodle


Creating an account at https://elearning.ur.ac.rw/



Digital Literacy and Online Learning


EDFE 401 Language teaching methodology (Lecturer AMINI NGABONZIZA J.)

This module aims at providing students with various strategies, techniques, and procedures to effectively teach language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing plus grammar and literature in language teaching) at all levels of secondary schools, and helping them demonstrate through professional action creativeness and resourcefulness.